Chelsea spending is totally stupid and ‘absurd’; Here is what Bayern Chief said about Chelsea

Chelsea spending is totally stupid and ‘absurd’; Here is what Bayern Chief said about Chelsea.

These statements are only as a result of the fact that Chelsea did not manage to win matches after they have signed all these players and still manage to loose matches.


Chelsea spending in this January transfer window could be considered by anyone as stupid and absurd as Bayern Chief thinks and this is not out of place to say so until they started winning matches again and these players they had signed are just normal average players who were over priced.

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Rummenigge told Il Corriere dello Sport: “Today the only championship alive is the Premier League, England spends astronomical sums and in an unintelligent, irrational way, the other countries go on amid financial suffering and scandals, but still manage to bring home the trophies.


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“This means that the British make crazy mistakes, their market is out of control.

“Chelsea threw away hundreds of millions in January to find themselves in tenth place and with almost half the points of those in the lead: it’s an absurd thing. The globalisation of the market has created painful imbalances, once upon a time there was a national market, money circulated within the system, wealth was better distributed.” 

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