Connor Gallagher doesn’t want to leave Chelsea; he is fighting for his place in the first team

Conor Gallagher could be dropped by Chelsea and he is fighting for his place in the first team.

It is looking very bad for Connor Gallagher at Chelsea as since he came back from Crystal Palace he is not the person he used to be over there and his position at Chelsea is under threat.


It’s a delicate moment for the midfielder, whose star is fading after a brilliant season on loan at Crystal Palace a year ago. Now reduced from a young Premier League talent to a squad player at a big club, this might be his best chance to switch to a rising force like Newcastle.

At Palace he was a bigger fish in a smaller pond, and enjoyed all the glory that brought.

But it seems he wants to fight it out for a place at Chelsea where he’s grown up, and who can blame him. He showed in the game against Palace last week just what he can bring to the team when used well. It’s easy to forget his only chances in the side so far have been in a dysfunctional team.


Imagine him in a system which is really clicking with everyone in form? Maybe we can see a future for him here after all…

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