Enzo Fernandez begs Chelsea Board to sign ‘Just one great player’ to Chelsea to help him

Enzo Fernandez begs Chelsea Board to sign ‘Just one great player’ to the Chelsea team to help him because he understands him better.


Enzo have begged the Chelsea board to sign a player that he believes will help him maximize his potentials in the club as it is looking like many other players here are not understanding his moves and playing pattern.

Here is what he said;

When you get on with someone off the field it helps on the field to have that special connection,’


Fernandez said of Felix.

‘He’s a great player, isn’t he? A fantastic player. He’s got lots of ability and loads of qualities.

‘He’s a key player for us, an important player and he’s on loan. Let’s hope that CHELSEA can do all they can to keep hold of him come June, that would be great.’

Fernandez has also dismissed concerns his sensational price-tag could effect him at Stamford Bridge and says he wants to be a ‘leader’ at Stamford Bridge.

‘The amount of money that is paid is nothing to do with me,’ the 22-year-old added. ‘My job is to go out on the field and give my best at all times.

‘I know I’m still young and I need to keep learning, but at some point in the future, maybe tomorrow, maybe at some point in the future, I want to really demonstrate that I’m a leader both in the group off the field but on the field as well.’

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