Frank Leboeuf; Chelsea should appoint Champions League winner as Potter replacement

Frank Leboeuf; Chelsea should appoint Champions League winner as Potter replacements.

Frank Leboeuf have stated that he will be very happy should Chelsea sign the top Champions league winner to replace Graham Potter.


A report by The Telegram suggests Potter has the backing of Chelsea owner Todd Boehly and he is not looking to leave soon but then again this is not to say he is untouchable either.

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If the poor run — two wins in the last 15 matches in all competitions — continues, replacing Potter will become more and more appealing an option for the board.


Leboeuf has made it his preferred replacement candidate very clear.


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“I don’t know, but it’d be a very good idea,” the former France international told ESPN FC when asked if he thinks Zidane would want the Chelsea job.

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“I would be very pleased.

“I never asked him if he wanted to go come to England.

“I asked him if he didn’t speak English, but he responded in English. So, you know, he speaks English a little bit.

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“Yeah, he could be in charge of Chelsea, and I’d be very, very happy about it.”

He will be exactly what Chelsea wants and needs.

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