Frank Leboeuf; ‘The talent is there’ for Chelsea to win UEFA Champions League if the are careful enough

Frank Leboeuf; ‘The talent is there’ for Chelsea to win UEFA Champions League if the are careful enough.

If Chelsea have been careful enough they could be dubbed to win the UCL this season as they have all the desired and required talents to win the UCL.

Chelsea have many players both young and matured and they have all the materials required to win the UCL even given the fact that they did not do so well in the EPL matches they seem to become another team when they start playing in the UCL.

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In the two times they have won the Champions League in their history, it had been off the back of manager changes in the season and a bit of turmoil around the club. Sound familiar? The comparisons to this season are clear to see. But can Chelsea really do it again for a third time and win it against all odds?

I think only a fool would write them off entirely.

Former Chelsea captain Frank Leboeuf thinks they have a chance to win it, and he is probably more optimistic on that than some.

Leboeuf said while speaking to Si & Dan Podcast: “Don’t forget the first time we won the Champions League we had a tough season. When Chelsea are in deep trouble, they win the Champions League. We had to change managers twice to win the Champions League. Di Matteo turned up, we won it, Tuchel turned up, we wont it. Will we do the same with Potter? I don’t know.

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“It’s possible for Chelsea to win it. They won it two years ago with mentality and in a special environment and things were not working well at the club.

“The talent is there. I said yesterday [on ESPN] ‘be careful guys’, everyone thinks Bayern is the favourite, Real Madrid is the favourite. But never forget Chelsea because they seem to be back, and now we are going to see if we can be consistent.”

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