Graham Potter addresses the “sinister” talk between Mudryk and Cucurella; Here is what he said

Graham Potter addresses the “sinister” talk between Mudryk and Cucurella; Here is what he said.

It seems like in the heat of the troubles in Chelsea after their last match draw, it looks like Mudryk and Cucurella are having some internal issues and Graham Potter has reacted to this and said it is true.

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Speaking to Football.London, here is what Potter said;

“There’s no problem in terms of anything sinister,” the Chelsea manager explained.

“If anything, it’s teammates understanding each other. It’s quite a common problem I’d say. When to pass? What point? What time? Playing against a back five, West Ham made it difficult to access the wideman’s feet or when to make the runs. Misha, that is his third game. So there’s no problem, it’s just a challenge of understanding.”

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Potter points out what anyone with half a brain had already concluded. It’s nothing to do with personal problems (how could there be personal problems, they’ve only been in the same dressing room for a couple of weeks?), it’s just a matter of Cucurella being low on confidence, and not having any relationship on the pitch with Mudryk yet. He’s avoiding the pass because he’s afraid it will be cut out, not because he doesn’t like his teammate.

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The rest is just noise.

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