How to Apply for AC Milan Academy Scholarship

AC Milan Academy- AC Milan, an abbreviation for “Associazione Calcio Milan,” is an illustrious Italian soccer club established in 1899. The team calls San Siro, a stadium boasting 80,000 seats, its home ground.


AC Milan has etched its name as one of Italy’s premier first-division clubs thanks to its remarkable achievements in Italian and European soccer throughout its rich history.

Recognized as one of Italy’s most beloved football teams and a powerhouse in Europe, AC Milan boasts an impressive tally of 17 Italian championships, 5 Italian Cups, 7 Champions League titles, and a Club World Cup.

The club has been graced by legendary players such as Kaka and Ronaldinho, both recipients of the prestigious Golden Ball award, and iconic figures like Paolo Maldini and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


Not only does AC Milan have a glorious sporting history, but it also stands as one of the wealthiest clubs in Italy, commanding a massive fanbase both domestically and globally.


Dedicated to shaping the next generation of AC Milan professionals, the club’s youth wing extends beyond Italy, with academies like the AC Milan Academy Dubai, AC Milan Academy Kerala, and AC Milan Academy Sydney, among others. The academy is committed to providing top-notch training facilitated by expert coaches, fitness professionals, tutors, and sports academicians.

The Milan Academy’s mission is to engage individuals under 18 in sports activities through soccer coaching sponsored by AC Milan. The academy emphasizes excellence, teamwork, and professional training programs and services to support the holistic development of young talents.

AC Milan Academy Scholarship

A glance at the history of AC Milan reveals a tradition of nurturing talent from within its ranks. Upon enrollment in the Academy, students gain access to various programs tailored to their age and experience levels. Noteworthy is the academy’s commitment to offering equal opportunities to all.

Youngsters as young as eight can apply for the AC Milan Youth Camp.Application processes often include fulfilling specific requirements:

  • Applicants should furnish comprehensive details about themselves, including their prior club affiliations and contacts.
  • Parental consent is mandatory, especially for those under 18.
  • Proof of financial need is required for those applying for the scholarships.
  • Submission of a video showcasing their skills is encouraged, particularly for international applicants.

To join the ranks of AC Milan, young talents can be scouted through the AC Milan Academy scouts and open soccer trials. At the same time, international applicants can apply through the club’s website or a designated essay submission process.

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