Klopp gives an angry verdict on the new Chelsea signings; Here is what he said

It is okay to think that Klopp is not going to say something positive about the new Chelsea signings and you would be right because he just did say something not good about them.

Klopp joked that he may need legal advice before saying anything controversial but he did go on to question their rival’s spending:

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“I say nothing without my lawyer. I don’t understand this part of the business but it’s a big number. They are all really good players so congratulations. I don’t understand how it’s possible, but it’s obviously not for me to explain how it works.”

It will be interesting to see how things play out with Chelsea.

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They have spent over £600m in just two transfer windows, but it is believed the payments are being spread out over a number of years, while salaries will be based on whether they qualify for the Champions League.

Many Liverpool fans have looked on enviously as their rivals have spent large sums since the summer, but it should be pointed out that “winning” the transfer window doesn’t really mean a lot in reality.

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The Reds are still above Chelsea in the Premier League table despite a terrible first half of the season, and it will be ironic if Klopp’s side remain ahead of them come May.

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