Proof: Mudryk is not happy after joining Chelsea over Arsenal as Shakhtar Chief said they will buy him back

Proof: Mudryk is not happy after joining Chelsea over Arsenal an Shakhtar Chief said they will buy him back.

Shakhtar Chief said said that the Chelsea wonder boy Mudryk is not happy for dumping Arsenal for Chelsea as the campaign is not going so well for him as at now and everyone has turned their anger towards him after many losses directed at him.

According to Srna, Mudryk is not in a good mood at Chelsea, and the Shakhtar Sporting Director has even joked that he’ll re-sign Mudryk once the war in Ukraine is over.

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Srna discussed his former player.

“The market decided the price, not me or our president. Mudryk is one of the best players in Europe in his position after Mbappe or Vincius then it’s Mudryk. If someone wants to buy a player from Shakhtar they must respect us.

We know how to sell players and how to buy players. He’s from our academy, an amazing kid, an amazing player. Unfortunately, at Chelsea now he’s not in a good mood, Mykhaylo as well, but he has all the qualities to be one of the best players in the Premier League in the next couple of years,” Srna said.

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The podcast’s host later told Srna that she was sorry that they had to sell Mudryk, to which he replied:

“It’s no problem, we will buy him back after the war. We will buy him back after the war,” Srna said with his tongue in his cheek.

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Mudryk isn’t happy at Chelsea, and we can’t blame him at all for being unhappy.

The Blues are a mess right now, they’ve not won a game for over a month and it’s unclear where their next win will come from.

Meanwhile, the club Mudryk could’ve joined, Arsenal, are flying high at the top of the league and scored a brilliant victory over Aston Villa at the weekend.

We can’t help but think that Mudryk may wish he’d joined Arsenal instead.

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