(VIDEO) Moment Angry Chelsea fans booed Cucurella as Ben Chiwell comes on in his place

(VIDEO) Moment Angry Chelsea fans booed Cucurella as Ben Chiwell comes on in his place.

Truth is, Ben Chiwell performance outmatched the performance of Marc Cucurella and this is why Chelsea fans are booing the player as he was subbed off.


A Stelar performance by Chiwell proves he should always be the top man for Chelsea ahead of Cucurella but for some reason we do not understand why Potter doesn’t like using him first.

Marc Cucurella has just been taken off after 70 minutes against West Ham, and there were sarcastic cheers from the travelling Chelsea fans when it was announced he was coming off.


He had a bad game today – and in fact he’s been poor all season.

Graham Potter pointed out last week that there had been issues in the full back’s private life – but even that was part of an admission that he’s been very poor.

Ben Chilwell is on to replace the former Brighton man for the second game in a row, and Chilwell will surely be fit to start one of the two next week. Cucurella should get the other – but unless he turns his performances around his first team chances are surely going to be limited from now on.

We feel for him, and while football fans are always going to be football fans, there’s no need to make him feel worse than he does.

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